A free app for savvy Childminders

A free app for savvy childminders

Our free app – foundations

A free app is soon to be launched to help busy childminders manage their paperwork. foundations is a completely free app for childminders that will help you to

    • Safely store child & contact records
    • Record daily diaries with ease
  • Communicate with parents through their own secure parent app
  • Allow parents to order and print their own photos!

And all of this is free, for life!

Following release you’ll be offered extra features like invoicing & finance, bookings and occupancy and observations, assessments & next steps. Upgrading to these additional features will save you more time, make you more efficient and be affordable for single childminders.

foundations has been developed by Connect Childcare, the trusted nursery software supplier. Their software is used in thousands of nurseries and large chains across the UK and they are using their expertise to help childminders like you to work more efficiently and reclaim your free time, without breaking the bank.

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