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For us it’s not just about providing you with a great software platform, it’s about being a great business partner. We are partnered with nurseries across the country and are always listening to their ideas to build our future road map.

Our mission is to improve the lives of children, globally. We can only achieve this by working with childcare professionals to create the very best tools, so that nursery management software is easy & efficient and child development is always the main focus.

Our Vision

Back in 2004 our founder, Chris Reid, discovered that his interest in technology could help him to improve his own family’s early childcare experiences.

He had a vision, that through the use of technology he could help nurseries and childminders to cope with their complicated administration demands. This would allow parents to connect closely with the learning & development of their own children.

After spending years refining his original product, Connect Childcare, Chris has branched out and created foundations. An easy to use tool for Childminders and Pre-Schools.

Our Mission

Now we have been providing software to the childcare industry for 15 years, we understand the differences between each provider and what we can do to make your lives easier.
We listen to childminders, pre-schools and to the industry as a whole. By  understanding your challenges our team can work with you to develop practical solutions.
At foundations, we care about you, your children and the state of the industry.  The whole team is invested in making it that little bit easier to run a childcare provision today and in the future. We strive to make continual improvements to our software in order to make those little improvements to your working lives.

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