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Introducing The Billing Hub...

Ad Hoc Bills

Create ad-hoc bills at the click of a button, sent directly to the ParentZone app

Calculate Extras

Such as meals, activities and resources and add them to the bill run. Stay on top of your different voucher schemes and funding rates.

Sessional Billing

Whether you charge by the hour or day, you can input your personalised sessions and charge accordingly. This will reduce the hours spent manually calculating invoices from your paper registers.


Will help you and your parents have a clear view of the child’s sessions for the week or month! Parents can even request extra sessions via the ParentZone app.

Parental Communication App

Payments Via ParentZone

Avoid late paymentsCash flow issues, especially late payments, can consume a lot of time. Give your parents the ability to pay by card through their smartphone app and you will reduce your debtor’s list without lifting a finger.

Preferential Rates

You will get extremely preferential rates with total processing so your new payment solution will not only improve your cash flow, it will also save you money on payment processing fees.

Billing History

Both you and your parents will be able to view outstanding balances. So you will no longer fall behind on payments.

Increase Security

Enabling parents to easily make electronic payments will reduce the need to hold large amounts of cash in your home or setting. ParentZone payments are covered by the highest level of internet security so your details and data are always secure.

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We won’t stop there…

Foundations is making waves with childcare providers across the UK. We have an exciting feature roadmap. Over the next few months, you can expect to see additions to the Billing Hub such as the ability to:
  • Split your bills
  • Create bills based on annual fees, making it easier for parents to budget
  • Calculate your grant funding
  • Take control of your late payers with a debtors report list
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