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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a child?

Adding a child on foundations takes less than a minute.

We’ll show you how to do it.

Click on smily face to select Children from the menu, the click on Add Child.

Enter in as much data as you have available (all fields marked with a * must be completed before you can save your child)

When you’re ready click Confirm

and hey presto you have added your first child!

What is an event and how do I use it?

There are 6 different event types in foundations

  1. Accident
  2. Meal
  3. Medicine
  4. Moment
  5. Nappy
  6. Sleep

The word Event is used in foundations to describe anything that might happen during the day that you want to track, share or keep a record of.

You can create an Event from the Events section by clicking on this icon or directly from a Child’s Timeline within their open record.

Select Create New Post.

Select the type of event you want to create.

Now select the relevant child, or children.

Enter in as much data as you have available at each step (all fields marked with a * must be completed before you can save your event). Once you have completed the steps, select Confirm.

The information you have entered will now be shared with the child’s registered contacts on ParentZone.

How do I invite parents to join ParentZone?

ParentZone is the free app for parents that will give them instant updates whenever you post new information about their children.

It’s a safe and secure way to share information with your parents in real time.

To invite parents to ParentZone you first need to add them as a contact:

Select Contacts from the menu childcare app contact icon. From here you can Add a Contact.

Enter in as much data as you have available at each step (all fields marked with a * must be completed before you can save a contact). You’ll need to ensure that you have an up to date email address for your contact as they will receive their secure invitation via email.

Review your information. Make sure you’re happy with the data you’ve entered and then press Confirm.

Click on Link Children.

Select the child or children that this contact relates to.

Set the relationship type and then you can set their ParentZone status to Yes.

Once you have completed the steps, select Confirm.

This will automatically send an email to the contact to invite them to access ParentZone. The contact will need to pass a security check by correctly entering the date of birth of their related child.

The ParentZone status of the contact will be shown as Pending until the contact has activated their ParentZone account. Following this their status would be shown as Registered.

Want to invite an existing contact?

You can invite existing contacts to ParentZone Lite too. Just click on smily facefrom the menu to open Children, find the child that is relevant to your contact.

Once you’ve opened the child’s record, select the Contacts tab 

Find your contact, their ParentZone Status will be Not Registered if you have not previously sent them a ParentZone registration email.

You can now select the link and choose to Register the contact for ParentZone.

What do my parents see when I save an event?

When you save an event in foundations, your parents will be able to view it on their child’s timeline in ParentZone.

The parents timeline will show the time and dates of any events you have saved as well as notes and photos.

The events that can be saved in foundations are:

Accidents, meal, medicine, moments, nappy changes and sleep.

Each of these events will show in time order on the ParentZone timeline, like these ones below:

Parents can view all of their child’s activities on ParentZone.

You can see what has been posted to the timeline of each child by clicking on smily face from the menu to open the Children screen and selecting the child you’d like to look at.

Underneath the child’s photo are three tabs. Click on the Timeline tab to view all of the events in the timeline.

Can I add photos to my children's records?

Yes of course! You can add photos for all of your children using any of your devices.

Just click on smily face from the menu to open Children.

Find the child you want to select from the list or start typing their name in the Filter section. Once you’ve found them, click on their name to open their record.

Hover over or click on the grey image place holder until the Edit icon appears. Photo place holder in foundations

You can then select a suitable picture to upload which will save automatically.

While you’re here, have you added contacts for your children?

From the same screen, you can select Add a contact, complete the fields and select Confirm to save the data.

How do I add in all of my child's emergency contacts?

Select smily face from the menu to open Children and then select the child you want to add a contact to.

Underneath the child’s photo you’ll see four tabs; Details, Contacts, Timeline and GDPR.

Select the Contacts tab. From here you can select Add a Contact. Enter in as much data as you have available at each step (all fields marked with a * must be completed before you can save your contact). Once you have completed the steps, select Confirm.


You can add a contact from the Contacts screen.

Select  from the menu to open the Contacts screen.

Select Create contact. Enter in as much data as you have available at each step (all fields marked with a * must be completed before you can save your contact). Once you have completed the steps, select Confirm.

Once you have added the contact you can choose Link Children if you wish to associate a child to the contact. You will need to specify the relationship that links the child and contact, i.e Mother or Doctor and press Confirm.

Can I link the same contact to different children?

Yes of course!

Select  from the menu to open the Contacts screen.

Underneath the child’s photo you’ll see four tabs; Details, Linked Children and GDPR.

Select the Linked Children tab. From here you can then select the Linked Children button to associate more children to this contact.

You must press Confirm to save the changes you’ve made.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password as well as your profile photo, name and opt in preferences at any time.

Just click on your name in the top right of the screen, or select Profile icon on foundations software from a mobile device, and click Go to my profile.

You can now change any of the information you can see in front of you including your photo, name and password. Just click Edit Details.

To change your password, click on the Change Password icon underneath your name. Change Password in foundations

Make your changes and then press Confirm to save them.

I have an issue with the software, what should I do?

foundations is currently in BETA testing.

This means we are still working on creating new features. You may see changes each time you log in as we work to make foundations amazing, and occasionally you may come across issues too.

We need your help to highlight these issues and provide us with constructive feedback to help us improve.

If you do experience any issues or wish to provide us feedback, to help us improve, please click on the “Give Beta Feedback” button in the menu bar.

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