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Record Basic Events

Freemium allows you to record basic events such as meal times, sleep times, accidents and treatments or medicine that has been given. You can take photos from your mobile device and upload them directly to the child’s profile creating a real-time timeline of events from the day.

Recording events in this way makes it so much easier than recalling the information you may need to write on paper at the end of the day. It allows for more accuracy and reassures parents that their children are being well looked after.

The foundations software means you can leave those hefty folders on the shelves filled with pictures and paintings. You can snap the painting or picture as a memory, upload it to the child’s profile logging the event and give the parent the picture to take home.

Parent Zone Lite

ParentZone Lite is a smartphone app for parents and carers that is linked to the child’s profile on foundations. With regular notifications of their child’s activities and achievements at a time that suits them best.

In an ideal world, every parent and practitioner would have time to have a chat about their children each day at pick up time, but as you know, this is not always possible. Sharing digital observations on the ParentZone Lite app means you no longer have to spend time writing down daily activities.

Parents and carers with learning difficulties can change the display to suit their needs.


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Child Records

A child’s record is the profile for the child in your care. Each child that you care for will have their own record that is accessible at the touch of a button.

The child record stores vital information such as the child’s full name, home address, primary and secondary emergency contacts, any health or medical issues and any safeguarding information that you need to know in case of emergency.

From the child record, you can click through to view the child’s timeline and add or delete information as appropriate.

Contact Records

Similar to the child record, the contact record is a specific list of contacts for the child in your care. Here you can set up primary and secondary contact numbers for parents and carers and even a contact number for the child’s registered doctors surgery.

The contact records pick out the number on a smartphone so you can call directly from the device.

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