Free Parent App

Make communication a breeze and increase parental engagement with a free parent app for your Childcare setting.

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foundations works alongside ParentZone to make essential parent updates quick and easy.

Instant Updates

Send each child’s events to their parents instantly, as they happen


Busy parents can log in to ParentZone whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.

Reduce the Guilt

Give your parents peace of mind by showing them all of the brilliant activities their children experience in your care.

ParentZone ♡ foundations

ParentZone works hand in hand with foundations – the new Childcare software.


foundations lets you log daily events for all your children at the touch of a button and send them instantly to parents.


Best of all? It’s free!


Sign up today to join the BETA and be the first to access this brand new childcare app.

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Why choose foundations

foundations has been developed by Connect Childcare. After 15 years spent working with large nurseries and winning a number of awards with our original Nursery Management Software we’ve branched out and created foundations, an easy to use tool for Childminders and Pre-Schools.

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Whether you use a computer, tablet or phone, foundations can be used on all of your devices.

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foundations is GDPR compliant and has inbuilt GDPR features to help you be compliant too.

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Stores all of your data in the cloud ready to access whenever and wherever you need it.

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